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hi I'm Ake, am 21 physically but actually 14 inside, have sold my soul to Level-5 when I was 9 and my life consists in fangirlizing over suffering fictional characters, embarassing myself on the internet, surviving my migraines, collectioning rare artbooks and goodies, trying to convince myself that there's no reason I can't get involved into a rpg-like adventure and save the world someday, worshipping Jun Sonobe, Don Rosa and Italian Disney artists, crying over Level-5 games, taking pictures of food and drawing things. Also I always get involved in the most obscure existing fandoms on the internet.

"I am Homunculus, not that there's much in a name."

Also I am Akemimi on DA
brotip : I don't bite unless you talk to me about Dark Cloud 3
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Jul 28 '12

pretty pretty shiny alien stones

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