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Ake, 22 physically, 5 inside. Japanese language & culture student and artist in my free time
I sold my sould to Level5 in primary school and I can't seem to get it back. I love collecting (mostly old) anime and video game stuff, Ebay is my worst enemy and Buy-Nippon is my final boss. I love manga, western comics and animation and playing japanese versions of western video games for some reason.
I might rant a lot about Dark Cloud. :)))))))))

"I am Homunculus, not that there's much in a name."

Also I am Akemimi on DA

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Aug 16 '13

maybe it is time i start questioning my life choices

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  2. trashtalkingtophat said: I see a dark chronicle doujin I have never seen before. I demand you tell me what it is called and where you got it.
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